Hi Guys

I'm a long time user of Logitech Radios on Windows and am running the latest version of LMS. In the past few years I've got into classical music. But maybe something has changed with my fave station ClassicFM (UK Classical Radio station) and how they stream their music.

Consequently, I have a small issue that is really driving me nuts! I have Classic FM set up on preset 2 on my Logitech Radio running LMS on my Windows10 PC. It all works/plays/sounds fine. The url I'm using is

But, if I try and use the same url when I'm in 'mysqueezebox.com' mode on the radio, I get the message 'The Server has been reset' (or something like that) and the station won't play. Am I missing something really obvious here? What am I doing wrong? *All* my other presets that I duplicate on MySB play fine except for Classic FM.

I've managed to locate Classic FM url from another source
http://media-ice.musicradio.com/ClassicFMMP3.m3u and that plays fine when I'm on MySB.
but I'm not seeing any album/station art

So, my question is: is there a url I can use on MySB that plays ClassicFM AND displays the station/album art?

Cheers all.