I'm sorry I suppose the question has been asked already but my searches weren't very successful.
I'm trying to setup an SB3 behind a vxlan, MTU 1450

The LMS server is in a VM, normally MTU 1500
The DHCP server sends (forces) MTU 1450 to clients behind the vxlan. This works w/ linux machines.

I don't think the SB3 changes its MTU size as requested, basically it reboots as soon as it starts playing.
I have a workaround which is to set the LMS interface MTU size to 1450 as well.

Am I correct in saying SB3 will not try to adapt its MTU?
If so, can we have, finally, firmware 138, with MTU size support in it!?

Alternatively do you see a smarter workaround than setting the interface of LMS to 1450?