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    Thanks mrw! I've just ordered one on eBay. Fingers crossed!

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    Glad I found this thread after running my SBT into the same „Verify Ethernet Connection“ loop, so thanks for the solution provided here.

    My Wifi is dead, too (hardly ever used it). There seem to be other side effects, my SBT refused to connect to a new server or mysb, that‘s where my troubles started.

    Some days ago I bought a second (used) SBT for another room - maybe the first one got jealous ;-)

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    no wifi any longer

    Quote Originally Posted by SqueezedUser View Post

    Just SOLVED the SBT endless "Verify Ethernet connection" looping screen appearing after having reset a wired SBT (FW 7.8.0 r16754) the following way:

    • copy the file http://update.slimdevices.com/update...7.3_r16676.bin to a FAT-formatted (old) SD-Card
    • rename that file to fab4.bin
    • insert the SD card in the "looping" SBT, which reacts with a menu (with FW-Upgrade among other items !)
    • select firmware upgrade to FW 7.7.3 r16676 OK

    Thereafter it reloads the old firmware, then the SBT reboots normally, asking for the mysqueezebox account parameters...

    Meaning that the SBT is back, running (although with a quite older release).

    Hoping this workaround may help.

    Kind regards

    Hi There

    FW 7.7.3 r16676 and still no option wifi connection available. i did factory reset several times. The only option is Ethernet. Any advice please.

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    This issue has been documented here for sometime.


    PS: I haven't been been here in awhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fizbin View Post

    PS: I haven't been been here in awhile.
    Some of us had noticed

    Hope all is well with you, and anyone near and dear

    Keep safe


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