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    Spicefly Sugarcube on Raspberry Pi using Dynamic Path Conversion

    I recently installed LMS 7.9.2 on a new Raspberry Pi 4. I wanted to still be able to use MusicIP and discovered that you can have MusicIP running on a different server from LMS by using spicefly sugarcube and the DPC option. So I have a Windows 10 PC running MusicIP and setup spicefly to send the request to the MusicIP PC for the next track . Unfortunately, I get an error that says "MusicIP Failed" and so spicefly just adds a random track.

    Here is what I have and have done:

    On the Raspberry Pi, I have an external USB drive that contains the LMS library. The folder containing the tracks is sharable using Samba and MusicIP on the PC is pointing to this folder. As a test, I created a MusicIP mix on the PC successfully. On the Pi, I setup DPC as shown below. I have also attached the server log file that shows the activity as well as the error message.

    Any would be appreciated.
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    Sorry, I can't really help you with your problem. But I had similar problems with the Dynamic Path Conversions settings I wasn't able to solve it. FYI see my thread from two months ago: https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...l=1#post965581

    If you do the scan with LMS for new files, can you see that the MusicIp information is scanned from your files? I thank that was my problem.

    In the end I tried to install Music IP directly on the RasPi - And it worked. And still works fine! I used this installation guide which was extremly helpful:

    I am everything else than a Linux/RasPi expert but it worked- OK, I needed two or three attempts ;-)

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    My configuration is similar to yours. I have MusicIP installed on my Windows computer where I scan the files. The MusicIP service running. LMS is running on RPi with a USB-attached harddrive where the music files are located. I am successfully using dynamic path conversion with Spicefly Sugarcube.

    The trick is to know what MusicIP thinks the path is. Open C:\Users\<useraccount>\AppData\Roaming\MusicIP\Mus icIP Mixer\default.m3lib in a text editor (e.g., Notepad++). A lot of the file will appear as unreadable text; however, you should be able to see some paths and file names in clear text. This is the path that MusicIP (and therefore Spicefly Sugarcube) thinks your music is at and it is what you should put in "DPC (MusicIP) - Set #1" (being certain to remove any portions that are identical between the two systems).

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    You can also replace the MusicIP web interface and press the Test Mix button (available from website), or paste http://localhost:10002/api/mix? into a web browser to check paths

    Also I have tried to provide an explanation of DPC here; https://spicefly.com/article.php?pag...ath-conversion

    Let me know any changes you think will make it more useful
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