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    LMS duplicates songs - again

    I have a strange problem with my LMS database - on two different Win 10 systems, using identical ripped music files (FLAC). In both cases, the music files are all in the Music folder/library (C:\Users\Username\Music) in the usual "Artist-name\Album-name\FLAC files" subdirectory structure.

    I am finding that on some (but curiously, not all) albums, LMS creates 2 entries for each song, so if you inspect the album in the LMS web interface (or using phone apps such as Orange Squeeze) you see two entries for each song. If you drill down to show what LMS thinks the path name is for each track, you get:

    C:\Users\Username\Music\Artist-name\Album-name\Song1.FLAC for the first, and

    C:\Users\Username\Music\D\Users\Username\Music\Art ist-name\Album-name\Song1.FLAC for the second.

    Net result is that if you play the album using the LMS interface or an app like Orange Squeeze, each track plays twice. Very annoying. This Doesn't happen when I use the Klarita Muso interface to play stuff - even when importing from the LMS database, Muso seems to figure out that there is only one copy of each song.

    I've loaded LMS 7.9.3, and rebuilt the LMS database from scratch, even uninstalling/deleting remnants/reinstalling, all to no avail.

    I'm sure I have seen this problem before, but can't for the life of me remember what the reason/fix was. Any ideas?

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    In your (C:\Users\Username\Music) folder do you have a shortcut to a backup on D drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apesbrain View Post
    In your (C:\Users\Username\Music) folder do you have a shortcut to a backup on D drive?
    Thanks for the prompt. Not a shortcut as such, but it turns out that part of the Music folder had been duplicated under a folder called "D" - I think an artefact from when I was setting up some new backup software. Deleting the offending folder (and its contents) has fixed the problem...

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