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    PiCore Player setup

    I need some help! I have been trying to set up 2 players using Pi4, HiFiBerry, PiCore player, LMS & Squeezer with analog output to my receiver. These are to replace my Duets. LMS and music files are located on my computer.

    The players are recognized by LMS and I can select music to play using Squeezer, but I have the following issues:

    1. No sound out of the player.
    2. If pause is selected, the track starts over from the beginning without pausing
    3. I am unable to set up WiFi.

    I have tried to set this up numerous times now without success. Can someone walk me thru this.


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    This is a new setup ?? is the hi fi berry a DAC ?

    I would first be sure the receiver is setup and connections/inputs make sense ..I have a Pi3 with a behringer DAC -- I spent literally an hour trying to figure out why the picore player had no sound, until I saw the speaker1 was not selected...

    It seems like the networking is OK, as they both appear in the LMS and can be accessed with squeezer...

    I also would check the squeezelite settings, and be sure it is running.. the main landing page should show status -- a green check mark

    obviously lots of moving parts here --- we will get to the bottom of this !

    Here is what I see on my squeezelite control panel:
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    Bill Clark, Windham, VT
    Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.3 - 1596358162 @ Mon Aug 3 04:13:28 CEST 2020
    Hostname: ubuntu-lms - ProxMox Virtual Environment 5.4-3 | Ubuntu 16.04 xenial
    piCorePlayer | piCorePlayer v6.0.0 | www v0005 | linux 4.19.105-pcpCore_v7 | piCore v10.3pCP | Squeezelite v1.9.6-1206-pCP

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    This is a new install.

    The hifiberry is a DAC +Pro with analog outputs/RCA jacks.

    The main page confirms squeezelite is running.

    Squeezelite settings are:
    audio output device setting: Analog audio
    output setting: hw:CARD=ALSA

    These were the defaults.

    As I sit here at my computer with the Pi connected to Ethernet, I can select and play music using Squeezer. If I pause and resume play, the song starts over at the beginning, not where it was paused. I am not connected to my receiver.

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    You are currently selected to use onboard audio, of course those are the default settings. You need to select the Hifiberry card in the drop down menu, then reboot.
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    I've selected hifiberry DAC+ (and pro, amp2).

    This changed the output setting to hw:Card=sndrpihifiberry.

    Still no sound., but the pause button seemed to work correctly.

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    It should be very simple. Have you seen this guide?


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    I've followed the guide. Where it says to reboot, I just get a message that squeezelite has stopped and then restarted.

    I agree it is probably something simple. I will retry from scratch tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blusterbrown View Post
    I've selected hifiberry DAC+ (and pro, amp2).

    This changed the output setting to hw:Card=sndrpihifiberry.

    Still no sound., but the pause button seemed to work correctly.

    Look in LMS Settings > Player > Audio > set volume output to 100% (set your amp volume control low and then adjust)


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    Where is the volume setting you are referring to? I can't find any on the LMS control panel. I do have the volume set @ 100% in Squeezer.

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    I have tried to set up hifiberryOS earlier today and got the same results: no sound, puse doesn't always work correctly., I lose connectivity on wifi (but both the hifiberryOS & pCP setup screens say wifi is set up.

    Really stumped here.

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