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    PCP: -- Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is ? **

    I have been setting up and learning stuff for a day or so, and didn't notice that the Time of Day on the Booms and Classic was 7 hours off. Neat, I say, it's Tea Time!

    Unexpectedly, the Radios, Controllers and the Touches had the correct time.

    I used the Tweaks page and deleted out the Time Zone info and rebooted PCP and all of the players have the correct time now. In setting up, learning, making mistakes, I had previously rebooted and even turned off and restarted a number of times, not noticing this.

    Just in case anyone else runs into this problem with Time of Day.....

    Thanks for all the guidance so far,


    ** one of my favorites....
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    Try the "Patch Update" function on the pCP 6 Main page.
    I think you will find that this resolves the issue and you can put the correct details back into the Tweaks page.
    Paul Webster
    Author of "Now Playing" plugins covering Radio France (FIP etc), KCRW, Supla Finland, ABC Australia, CBC/Radio-Canada and RTE Ireland

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