I'd like to share two observations about the Debian packaging of LMS.

I download the Debian binary packages for amd64, arm(hf), and i386 available from http://downloads.slimdevices.com in order to provide them to local clients through my repository managed by reprepro. But this does not work with the packages the way they currently are set up. Even though the packages contain architecture-specific binaries, they all specify the architecture 'all' in their control files. reprepro fails to include them in one repository because the files are different (checksums differ) while they claim to be the same (e.g. version 7.9.2 of package logitechmediaserver for architecture all). I would like to suggest using the true architecture (amd64, armhf, i386) supported by Debian in the control file and subsequently in the package file name.

Because I wanted to write my first plugin, I looked into what documentation was available. While some of the Slim Perl modules in the logitechmediaserver package contain POD, there are no man pages for those modules. So I created my own package logitechmediaserver-doc with man pages for those modules. In order to extract the man pages and massage them to fit Debian's Perl packaging policy, I wrote a little script. I'll happily provide that script or my package if there is any interest.