Hi all

I'm a long time Squeezebox user (SB3, Touch, Radio) but have just got a Duet. I've set up the Controller, it's on the wireless network and I can see and control Logitech Media Center on the Pi, but I'm having trouble getting the Receiver set up...
following the instructions found on this forum (below) I get to step 2 fine, the Receiver appears and I can select it...but then it says connecting to my wireless network until it times out and says either 'Try again' or 'Skip this step'. I must be missing something obvious here, any assistance would be very gratefully received.

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There is no need to factory reset the Controller. It can stay as it is.

What you need to do is:
1. Press and hold the button on the front of the new receiver until it flashes red rapidly.
2. On the controller go to the "choose player" item. There you will see two receivers, the usual name of your first one and another name something like "Receiver 25a612". This is the player you want to configure. The numbers/characters in the name are part of the Reciever's MAC address.
3. Select this player and it will then ask you a set of questions to connect it to your network (whether wired or wireless, the SSID of your wireless network, and so on).

You will then be connected. Nothing should have happened to your Controller!

Thanks, GreenSloth