When streaming from radio sources it is possible, via existing plugins to retrieve information about the programme that is currently playing (or even being listened to via a catchup service).
Currently those details are squeezed into song information (some combination of artist, title, cover, album, duration) meaning that the information is not readily able to be presented when a song is playing (assuming track details are captured by the plugin).
On old SB devices there is not really enough space to show a lot of info - but on Touch and modern home-built stuff, plus web interfaces there is room to present a lot more.

So - my suggestion is that LMS should accept a few more attributes (eg progtitle, progdescription, progicon, progstarttime, progduration) then a display handling module would allow the user more control over what is shown.
e.g. Touch-style display could show the programme name and small icon up in the top left of the screen (even with a 2nd progress bar) when a named song is playing.

I know that this would mean a lot of places would need to be checked (potentially everywhere that uses "artist"/"title") - but my guess is that most places could ignore it.