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    Tidal v1.2 Plugins stopped working - are therealternatives ?

    > 1) What does mysqueezebox.com actually do? Does it just set up the
    > connection?

    It handles the content browsing with the services. Eg. the menus as you
    see them are created on mysb.com

    > 2) Is there software available that replaces or augments
    > LMS that allows for a direct connection between Tidal and my Touch that
    > does not involve mysqueezebox.com? The reason I ask #2 is that, while

    Nothing I'm aware of.

    > am very happy with the way things are working now, I live in fear that
    > Logitech will someday discontinue mysqueezebox.com. I own a total of 8
    > Touch's deployed in 3 different LANs that I would love to keep connected
    > to Tidal even if mysqueezebox.com goes away.

    Logitech will someday discontinue mysb.com. But nobody knows when this
    will be. I doubt anyone would have believed it would still be around
    seven years after the end of the product Squeezebox. Don't worry now.
    We'll see what happens once mysb.com is being shut down.



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    Thanks again for your help Michael.

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    Michael, After digging around it seems that Roon might provide an alternative connection between Tidal and Squeezebox Touch. But, assuming Tidal via Roon would actually work, this approach would require a paid subscription to both Roon and Tidal. For now I am happy with Tidal via mysqueezebox.com and will continue using that. Thanks again.

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