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    Does Spotify use two different UIs?

    Sorry, it's a bit of topic but I know here are people who know these kinds of things. I'm new to Spotify and googled for a while now but cannot find anything useful, so I'll just ask here, why there's a different UI under certain circumstances.

    That's Spotify on my PC (Windows 10 App, from the MS Store):

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    (It could look greener than normal here, there's something funny going on with color profiles and Chromium.)

    That's a family member's notebook (Windows 10 App, from the MS Store, same version):

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    Now if I switch computers and accounts, it's the other way round. So the content of the left bar seems to be profile bound.

    But if I log in to open.spotify, it looks the same with both accounts: "Home", "Search", and "Your Library". Where's my "Radio" and "Browse" button? What's going on?
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