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    BUTN and IR codes

    Hi - In my button implementation of SqueezeESP32/SqueezeAMP, I used the CLI to send commands like "button arrow_up" and "button knob_left". I've just realized as I wanted to add IR that there are "BUTN" and "IR " slimproto messages which might be a better choice. Thing is, I'm not sure of the codes used for such messages. Is this the file "Front_Panel.ir" and others in the "IR" directory? Is this the 8 hex digit that shall be sent in the BUTN message?
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    BUTN and IR codes

    Ok, here's some information a trustworthy person gave me - but I know
    nothing about it :-)

    BUTN likely is for Boom/Transporter hardware buttons only. They're dealt
    with similarly to IR codes in LMS.

    Then there's some information on the wiki:

    ....and in the code (Slimproto.pm). I bet you've seen this:

    # format for IR:
    # [4] time since startup in ticks (1KHz)
    # [1] code format
    # [1] number of bits
    # [4] the IR code, up to 32 bits

    my ($irTime, $irCode) = unpack('NxxH8', $$data_ref);

    my ($time, $button) = unpack( 'NH8', $$data_ref);

    Good luck with that!



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