Hello everyone;
still in lockdown? Bored @ home? In desparate need of something to tinker with?
-> Get a SqueezeAmp (or two)!

The amazing project from philippe44, sle118 and daduke has meanwhile a level of robustness, that I would call it almost a plug&play SqueezeBox (plus Bluetooth Amp! plus Airplay Amp!)
It can work off a power plug or LiPo batteries (charging circuit is integrated); it has a 10 band equalizer, you can connect a display, you can connect a rotary encoder, ... there are many options.

You can find all the details regarding this project here: https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...l=1#post957451

Cost is around 65$ plus shipping (For orders and exact $ numbers check with Philippe44 at s q u e e z e a m p @ o u t l o o k . c o m )

Why am I writing this?
Because it is such a cool project.... also, I have (another-)one on order, but I know that philippe44 needs min 15 orders to start a 30 device order at the pcb manufacturer - and the current order count is at 7...

So: Order yours today :-)

P.S. I hope, I am not offending anyone or ignored any netiquette with this post - I have no financial interest in this - neither does philippe44, who sells these without any margin.