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    piCorePlayer LMS and Tidal but no Sound

    Greetings and thank you to everyone involved in this project. I stumbled upon picoreplayer as I am trying to stream through wifi to some speakers. I am having an issue getting sound to work. Right now it appears that I have successfully installed picoreplayer, LMS and Tidal plugin. I have a registered squeeze account and tidal account. My LMS page has Tidal as an available app, it generates a playlist and appears to be playing. However, there is no sound. I am using a raspberry pi on analog out. The raspberrypi is connected directly to the amplifier. I have independently tested the amplifier to verify it is working by plugging a different music source direct. I have chosen analog as my audio out and still nothing. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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    On the LMS Settings> Player tab select Audio and set volume output 100%.

    Put the amplifier volume low

    On the picoreplayer Squeezelite Tap page at the Audio output device settings

    Select analog audio and save

    Click on the Card Contol to set the alsa setting

    Select the output from under Change Squeezelite settings

    Expand the red word more for field tips

    You might want to ssh into the pi and type Alsamixer to select the correct output, then set it via card control

    Backup/save and reboot

    start playback and turn up the amplifier

    The Analogu pi output is a little low.

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