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    How to drive separate amp - XLR, IR blaster, used AV receiver question

    I wasn't sure where to post this, and I figured this forum was best, even though it revolves around consumer-level gear for the most part. Let me know if it should go elsewhere.

    I've been interested on & off in a separate amplifier to drive the squeezebox with my primary house speakers. I look at the new generation of beefy class-d amps and they start to look pretty good to me - for example this https://www.audiosciencereview.com/f...-pwr-amp.8979/. I'm fine with the cost of the amp, but when I start to look at everything else involved it either gets too expensive, bulky, or I fear I'll have to give up something I like about the current setup.

    Current gear:

    * Squeezebox Classic (SB 3)
    * Onkyo HT-R520 AV receiver
    * DIY Speakers - Zaph Audio SR71s.

    I do have a few other devices hooked up to the Onkyo, like a bluetooth audio adapter, so ideally I need more than one source input. Crucially, I use and love the IR blaster functionality of the Squeezebox and use it to set volume and power the Onkyo on & off. I frequently use the sleep function to finish a track off or play 15 more minutes, and then have the system shut itself down. I'd rather not change anything than have to give this up.

    So when I look at a lot of discrete amps, they just have XLR inputs. For example:


    I typically only see XLR outputs on two channel preamp type gear, all of which seems to cost a lot more than I feel like spending, and typically lack remotes so I'd be giving up something crucial to me. I would like, say, 5 inputs, a legible screen telling me the input and volume level, IR remote capability, a decent volume knob, and two channel XLR output for $150 or less. I don't actually think this exists, but if it does I want to know about it.

    I have no qualms about used gear. Which leaves me looking at perhaps a used AV receiver with RCA pre-outs? Unfortunately these tend to be pretty large and bulky with a lot of inputs, as well as a multi-channel amp, and that amp would just be taking up space and drawing power for no reason. This still seems like the most feasible route to me, although it seems ridiculous and still more expensive than I'd like, so much so that it's hard to get excited about it. By the time you get into the class of AV receiver that has pre-outs they are typically pretty expensive, even used.

    Also, I'm clueless about 12V triggers and how they fit into all this.

    Is there another option I need to know about? Any suggestions?

    Thank you!
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