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    'Artist' tags - which tags are scanned into 'Artist'?

    Does anyone know which tags are scanned into 'Artist' and 'Album artist'? I use MP3tag as my tagging tool, and I know there are tags that are not in the defalt MP3tag view but their contents still end up in 'Artist' after I do a rescan. I have bought quite a few albums as downloads and one or two of them give me something under 'Artist' that I don't want but cannot see to correct. I had rather not use a faw file viewer to locate tag details as I am not sure what I am looking for.


    Problem tracked down to a tag in the file called 'ALBUM ARTIST'. Now to find out what is causing the space.
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    What file format are u using? If MP3, how do u treat tpe2?

    If flac, some apps write a space into the AA field.
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