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    I donĺt know where Max2Play stores things.
    If no-one else gives you answers here then you will probably have to try the Max2Play support forum.

    Do you have shell (for example ssh) access to the system?

    If yes ... try to find log files - and the LMS server.log in particular.
    Maybe Max2Play has a web interface that shows that sort of thing.
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    @ Fahzz

    Are you running the Stretch or Buster Max2Play, not that it would make much difference; only 7.9 is a bit old to be offered by M2P.

    Did you use the M2P gui to perform the update ?

    I don't have a M2P instance running at the moment but would guess that cache and prefs are here,


    Cache Folder
    Preferences Folder
    You can copy these folders using WinSCP and reinstall them afterwards.

    If you ssh into the pi

    sudo service logitechmediaserver status
    will tell you if it is running.

    If it was me, I would copy the prefs and cache folders, then run (thanks Django)

    sudo apt remove logitechmediaserver
    This will remove the lms but leave the prefs and cache folders which will then be used by a fresh install.

    Maybe make a copy of your sd card before doing this and deffo make a copy afterwards


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