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    piCorePlayer 6.x.x - Bluetooth

    Bluetooth has grown into its own animal, so I would like to separate the conversation regarding Bluetooth stuff. If you have problems, please paste the whole bluetooth log. There is information in the log header that is critical for diagnosis.

    Current Capabilities.

    Set the device type here
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    • Speaker - A2DP Source - Play from piCorePlayer to a bluetooth connected speaker.
    • Player - A2DP Sink - Play directly from your phone or other bluetooth music sourc to pCP. pCP is now a speaker for your device. In this mode settings for sound output come from the squeezlite page. The Output setting is critical.
    • Streamer - A2DP Sink - Play from your phone to a web stream. LMS can play that stream to any number of LMS connected devices/groups.

    Note: When pCP is playing direct from your phone. A2DP volume control is implemented for certain devices (iPhones work, but Android may not) If your DAC on your pCP device supports hardware volume control, that is the volume that will be adjusted. Android based devices will control the volume before bluetooth transmission.

    Current Versions: Please note the screenshots may not reflect the most recent version.
    pCP web Pages: v0011 How to see current version
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    How to upgrade web page extensions
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    Bluetooth: v0013 How to see current version
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    How to upgrade bluetooth.
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