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    This is really cool congrats!

    I'm not sure this is solvable as such but out of interest I tried pairing with a couple of Amazon Echo Dots I have.

    And they connect right up, appear as players and I can play LMS to them.

    But it all doesn't quite work 100% and I'm not sure even if these issues are really solvable.

    So clearly with an Echo it has a whole host of uses.

    As it is now, if when playing as an LMS player I say :

    "Alexa stop" It stops. Well actually it's probably technically still playing but the Echo has stopped it's actions and blocked it.

    All following Alexa commands then result in the Echo performing as an Echo device.

    Now in this state if I go into LMS and play something new to the Echo it doesn't play and the only way I seem to be able to recover the LMS control is to disconnect and reconnect. And on reconnect it immediately continues playing the previous LMS track.

    So I guess I'm wondering if some better interaction between LMS and an Echo via bluetooth is possible, such that say you play an LMS track targeting the Echo and it is then able to "interrupt" whatever the Echo is doing and "takeover". And vice versa, if playing an LMS track then an Alexa command should override, which as mentioned above it already does, but perhaps pausing the LMS track that was playing at the time is possible?

    edit: actually now testing a bit further it seems that if the Echo is playing an LMS track and is the given a command "play radio 4" it then drops the bluetooth connection to pcp. So I suspect this is just an Echo thing where it can do one or the other and switching between is in the Echo's hands and so probably not resolvable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul- View Post
    The delay is inherant to the streamer option. There is alot of software in the middle, each with its own buffers. The benefit is that you can sync multiple players to the stream.....and to devices without bluetooth capability.

    Player mode sending bluetooth data directly to an onboard DAC has much less delay.
    Thanks Paul. As you explained in an earlier post, to stream directly to the on board Audio output (a Hifiberry DAC in my case) and not via LMS, I have to select Player instead of Streamer. This will reduce the playback lag to something reasonable? But now I'm back to my original question in my first post on this thread: how to get pCP to use the BT input?

    Edit: I just realised that my music stream on my phone wasn't playing . When I started it, I immediately heard the playback on the pCP. It seemed that pCP ignores the LMS favourites and music sources in this case. And lag is drastically too about 300-500ms. Much better!

    One strange thing, the BT Pairing/Detection indicates No Paired Device.
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