V1.3 - Small fixes to RadioNet plugin. Radionet plugin is available through LMS 3rd party repository - V1.3 will become available when LMS repo is updated.

- After a Search - fix the "unable to parse" error when looking at page 2,3,etc of search
- No need to restart LMS after changing country setting. Only have to get out of Radionet menu.

Clarification on Favorite behaviour

If RadioNet Favorite is saved while playing on Touch or by "Save to Favorites" on older SB UI (e.g. Sb2, SB3, Transporter, Boom) - no station icon will be saved. This is LMS issue.

If a Radionet station has been saved as a Favorite from WebUI or Squeezeplay/Touch/Radio/Jivelite - then "Touch to Play" on Squeezeplay/Radio/Touch/Jivelite will not work. There may be an LMS solution but if really needed now there is a workaround.