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    I switched to Deezer - It's working great!

    Quote Originally Posted by smckay View Post
    I used Tidal on my Squeezebox Boom without an issue, but recently it stopped working.

    Doing some testing has helped me draw the following conclusion:

    1. A HiFi subscription on Tidal is needed
    2. Setting the Streaming Quality to FLAC is needed

    Using my Premium account I just get a message 'Problem unable to play f' (I assume its file). This happens whether i choose FLAC or AAC for Streaming Quality. After setting up a trial of HiFi on Tidal i was able to play music on the Squeezebox Boom when the Streaming Quality was set to FLAC.

    I do not want to pay twice as much per month just to get this to work. Does anyone else have any ideas what has happened to cause the Boom to stop working for Tidal Premium subscriptions?
    I switched from TIDAL to Deezer over the weekend.
    Deezer works great with mysqueezebox.com!
    ( Squeezebox Boom and Touch )

    I used this website to "automatically" transfer my TIDAL library.
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