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    Quote Originally Posted by slartibartfast View Post
    Which ones are you using?

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    I am using the "Low volume fallback alarm", "Green highlight" and "Replace Font". When I update my radios to community firmware, there are no plugins available under the Patch Installer menu.

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    Radio has problem connecting

    UE Radio is on firmware 8.01, Server on 8.2.
    Before upgrading the wireless signal was prone to dropping out but usually connected well initially.

    I had a two week period of perfect connection but for past three days there is no connection to server until I manually connect to the network on the Radio and navigate to the channel i want. Then the Radio appears as a player on material skin and I can control it with my phone and acquire logs etc.

    The router shows the Radio on its expected IP address. Once connection is made its stable.

    I have reinstalled firmware several times but no improvement.
    I can switch off the Radio and on power on it will occasionally reconnect.
    I leave it on overnight, and in the morning and have to reconnect to WiFi using the menu on radio.

    Edit. I noticed the WiFi icon shows blue when it drops. I brought the radio close to the router but that didn't help it reconnect.
    Shutdown and restart of radio did work.
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    Internet radio server.log.zipRadio scanner.log.zip

    The log files for the disconnection.
    SB Touch (Community firmware v8.01) UE Radio, SMSL Sanskrit MkII, Talk Electronic Cyclone 1.2 amplifier. LMS 8.2 Snakeoil OS, HP t520 thin client.
    BBCiPlayer, BBC Sounds, Shairtunes2 plugins, edo applet

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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    If you only came here after you installed LMS 8, here are some options:
    • Temporarily connect your Radio to mysqueezebox.com: in the Radio's menu go to Settings/Advanced/Networking/Connect to mysqueezebox.com
    • Install LMS 7.x on a secondary machine. Connect your Radio to that new server to install the patch. Then re-connect to LMS8 and uninstall that LMS 7.x.
    • Last resort: downgrade your installation to LMS7, do the patch, update again.

    Hi Michael (and others)

    I am in this case:
    - LMS 8.1.1 automatically updated ("justifiably" docker on QNAP)
    - my 3 Squeezebox still at 7.7.3 firmware with the warning (and of course no applet/patch installer available in the menu)
    To avoid solution 2 (install 7.9 somewhere else), I have tried solution 1 on one of my 3 SB, restarted, but... even connected to mysqueezebox.com (and even one hour after and 2nd reboot), still no applet/patch installer (and if I go to firmware menu, says I have the latest 7.7.3 version).
    Any advice? Doing something wrong?
    Transporter and SB radio on LMS 8.1.1 on QNAP/docker

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