This is a plugin for Supla Finland - covering Radio Suomipop, Radio Rock, Loop, HitMix, Aito Iskelmń, Radio Aalto, Melmiradio and Groove FM Business.

Once installed and LMS has been restarted you should play one of the supported radio stations. If the plugin is working then you should see artist details (artist/title) appear around the time that a new track starts or programme name.

Note: The broadcaster does not always provide track information in a timely manner - so if you find that sometimes no new details arrive then check on the Supla site to see if they have the same problem.
Also - they do not provide the end time or duration for tracks so you will probably find the track name displaying during adverts.
To minimise the effect of this there is an arbitrary maximum song length of 5 minutes - at which point the title should clear (but will continue to play of course).

If there is no song title then the plugin will try to show the programme name (Groove FM does not seem to have any though).

This plugin relies on the time on your local LMS server to be roughly correct - timezone and time - because the local time is compared with the scheduled time for each track from the broadcaster.
If things are not working then enable Debug logging for this plugin via LMS/Settings/Advanced/Logging interface, repeat the problem and then check the LMS logs.
You might need a version of LMS more recent than 7.9.1 Feb 2018 because of improvements in LMS to handling HTTPS connections.

This plugin relies on data from Supla Finland but is not endorsed by them and it could easily break if they change their formats.

For now, during the first public testing phase, - add this repository to your local LMS.

Michael H - please don't put it in the list of 3rd-party plugins yet because I will probably change the repo location once it has been verified as working for a few people.