As I'm jumping back into my squeezebox setup and refreshing things, I've decided that what I'm really missing is something as elegant as the squeezeplay interface that I can navigate using my TV remote.

For my family, that would mean a Roku app -- they already know the squeezeplay interface because literally every room in our house has a SB Radio (Is nine a lot?

I think I saw a Roon roku app that's closer to what I'm asking than the MainSqueeze app. Just throwing it out there...

Also, I'd really like to have a text-based squeezeplay app that functions like squeezeplay with no built-in player so that I could easily select a player, and navigate the menus with the keyboard and be able to easily control ALL the squeezebox devices in my house. I spend most of my day working in a terminal window on remote systems, so not needing a gui or a mouse would be a definite plus for me.

Thanks, stay safe, and don't stop the music.