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    Quote Originally Posted by bpa View Post
    I cannot understand your objection to the slight delay in syncing players.
    If you turn on the stream where you cannot hear the main source - then you won't notice a slight delay.
    If you can already hear the main source when you turn on the main stream on a new player - then you'll notice the difference between the local & main stream and that will annoy you.
    Sync and delay is not a problem, as the zones are separated and normally you will not hear more than one at a given location.

    BUT, a problem would be the short interruption of a already playing zone if a presence detector would add another zone for syncing, thats why i think that syncing is not an option.

    If i understand this all correctly now, my best option would still be to have a squeezelite player getting it's out streamed (eg. mp3) to multiple sinks, where the sinks are then again zones of the LMS.
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