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    PiCorePlayer isn't showing up in my logitech media server - can you help?


    My System Specs

    I am running logitech media server 7.92 - running on Debian 9

    I am running PiCorePlayer v5.0.0 - running on Raspberry Pi Zero with Phat DAC

    My Issues / Problem

    Everything was working fine. I didn't use my LMS for a couple of weeks and when I turn it on now there is no player registering in logitech media server,

    Can anyone help me trouble shoot this please?

    I am really missing my music and even more so all the wonderful radio stations that I like to listen to.

    Thank you for your help

    Additional thought
    P.S I think the issue may be in the PiCorePlayer, under Squeezelite settings, what should the drop down be set to, mine seems to have defaulted to HiFiBerry DAC Zero / MiniAMP

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    Try rebooting piCorePlayer after LMS is up.

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