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    Outside Providence
    I heard we are supposed to limit ourselves to solo performers only?
    Living Room: Pi3 w/Allo Digione Player (Wired), Max2Play w/LMS Server 8.0 and SqueezeLite
    Pioneer Elite VSX 80, Parasound 2125 v2
    KEF LS50's, Paradigm SE Center, SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer, Paradigm Atom v.5 Surrounds
    Harmony Smart Control w/Hub and iPeng
    Dining Room: KEF Q100's
    Bedroom: Logitech Boom
    Porch: Boston Acoustics Voyager Metro II
    Router: Netgear R700P
    File Storage: Samsung T5 SSD
    Music Service: Qobuz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahzz View Post
    I heard we are supposed to limit ourselves to solo performers only?
    Home: Pi4B-8GB/pCP7.x/4TB>LMS 8.1.x>Transporter, Touch, Boom, Radio (all ethernet)
    Cottage: rPi4B-4GB/pCP7.x/4TB>LMS 8.1.x>Touch>Benchmark DAC I, Boom, Radio w/Battery (Radio WIFI)
    Office: Win10(64)>foobar2000
    The Wild: rPi3B+/pCP7.x/4TB>LMS 8.1.x>hifiberry Dac+Pro (LMS & Squeezelite)
    Controllers: iPhone11 & iPadAir3 (iPeng), CONTROLLER, Material Skin, or SqueezePlay 7.8 on Win10(64)
    Files: Ripping: dbpoweramp > FLAC; Post-rip: mp3tag, PerfectTunes, TuneFusion; Streaming: Spotify

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    Shake the Disease - Depeche Mode
    No Fun - Sex Pistols/Stooges
    (Don't fear) The Reaper - Blue Íyster Cult
    Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - Smiths
    The Grave - Don McClean
    Drain You - Nirvana
    I Just Died in your Arms Tonight - Cutting Crew
    When I'm dead and gone - McGuinness Flint
    Worm Man - Ramones
    Sister Morphine - Rolling Stones...

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    Reality bites ...

    The whole city of Madrid listened to a public broadcast at lunchtime during a ceremony of remembrance for corona victimss to Barber's Adagio - very moving.
    LMS server: O2 Joggler with Jivelite, Pi Zero W with PcP 6.0

    Amp: Denon PMA-50

    Players/Speakers: Touch, Logitech Radios, Sonos Play 1s & Beam, Libratone Zipp, GGMM E2 & E3, Yamaha WXAD-010, Loewe Airspeaker, Google Chromecast Audio, Home Mini & Nest Hub, Amazon Echo 2,3 and Show5, Pioneer WX-SMA1, Roberts S1, O2 Joggler, Cisco Joggler, Fiio M6, Avantree Priva BT transmitter


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    Toronto area, Canada
    Personally, I've gone for nostaliga. I came across Mary Hopkin's name somewhere, and it transported me to the late 60s and Those Were The Days. So I went out and found it, and somewhat surprisingly it's stood up very well, despite Paul McCartney's heavy handed production. I also discovered her next album, Earth Song Ocean Song, where she'd ditched Apple Records and gone more folky. Very nice. Also encountered the weirdo concept album "The King of Elfland's Daughter", put together by Steeleye Span's Bob Johnson and Pete Knight. Essentially a fantasy novel/short story set partly to music. You need 1970s acid for this one, but I did enjoy at least one of Mary's songs.

    Have also found the recently re-released Dr. John plays Mac Rebennack, mainly solo piano (some singing), which is outstanding. Thinking of New Orleans, which is hard hit at the moment.

    LMS on a dedicated server (FitPC3)
    Transporter (Ethernet) - main listening, Onkyo receiver, Paradigm speakers
    Touch (WiFi) - home theater 5.1, Sony receiver, Energy speakers
    Boom 1 (WiFi) - work-space
    Boom 2 (WiFi) - various (deck, garage, etc.)
    Radio (WiFi) - home office
    Control - Squeeze Control (Android mobile), 2 Controllers (seldom used), Squeeze Remote (on Surface Pro 4)
    Touch x 1 - spare
    UE Radio x 1 - spare
    Boom x 1 - spare
    Controller x 1 - Spare
    Duet Receiver (backup)

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    Ou est le papier? , sung to La Marseile
    A camel is a racehorse designed by a committee.

    Seen sprayed on the outside wall of the local library -
    Three things I hate in life :
    1. Vandalism
    2. Irony
    3. Lists

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wirrunna View Post
    Ou est le papier? , sung to La Marseile
    rugby club favourite, back in the day

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    I'm listening primarily news. And then King Crimson ...

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    1x Docker on QNAP TS-453B as LMS | 1x Raspberry Pi Zero W +PiCorePlayer v6.0.0-b7 as USB-Player + TEAC UD-501 USB-DAC + Phonitor Mini Headphone Amplifier + AKG K812 headphones | 2x SqueezeBox Classic | 1x Squeezbox Radio | 1x Raspberry Pi with HiFimeDIY ES9023 DAC +PiCorePlayer 6.0 | 1x Google Chromecast Audio with Arcam FMJ A22 + B&W Nautilus 805 | 1x Google Chromecast Audio with Philips Fidelio DS9000/12 | 1x Squeezelite on MacBook Pro Catalina

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    I'm listening to 'Together Alone Tonight' by German band Birthcontrol, from their 1974 album 'Rebirth'...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Percival Sweetwater View Post
    I'm listening to this, from an old one hit wonders CD, drinking an old bottle of Shiraz...

    Attachment 29884

    reflects my mood...
    The same, really.

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