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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    > I checked your log and don't see any reason why that should fail... the
    > file as logged looks perfectly fine, I can parse it no problem. I have
    > no clue why that fails :-(.

    I just released Spotty 4.0 which would handle this case slightly
    differently. It's mostly in the error logging where I'm trying to
    understand what exactly is failing. I'm not sure today whether it's
    failing to read the file or failing to parse its content.

    Please keep using it and check your server.log once this has happened
    again. Thanks!

    Ok, will do. I'm really starting to suspect that when I re-configure my system by linking new SB's together that may be what causes it? I haven't tried again yet, but since I have NOT done that I have not yet seen the issue either. Do you know what I'm referring to? Seems random, unless somehow the spotify key is linked to the system config somehow?

    I'll upgrade here today and this weekend I'll try reconfiguring to see if I can reproduce that way.


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    well, still hasn't failed with the latest 4.0.0. So.... good?

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