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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    You could also describe the problem you're having to solve them, rather
    than ask for a replacement? Just a thought....


    I wouldnĺt personally replace lms, itĺs the best ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sacguy231 View Post
    So, please forgive me if this is already answered, but I did not find any info in my searching and I"m quite new here. I recently got a Transporter that I love, but LMS is basically non-functional in OS Catalina, and refuses to find files that I direct it to on an external drive. Is there an alternate server to LMS that can be used with the Transporter? Is this even possible? I would hate to have to abandon the Transporter, but there are newer solutions out there and I can't believe how much time I've spent today trying to get this all to work, to no avail. I saw postings on needing to give Perl full disk access (it never ever appears in my disc access window), I've even tried installing various versions of LMS to see if perhaps the one I was running was the issue. They all act the same - not finding the files I direct them to. I love using the iPeng interface on my iPad and would love to keep the Transporter, but I am not sure how to make this work with Mac

    Also, side note in case anyone else has experienced this - the Transporter sounds terrible with MP3s. That is, even with 320kbs MP3s there is noticeable "glitching" and distortion in very quiet passages. But, the same tracks ripped in FLAC are just fine. I have tried this on my PC and found the same curious thing. Is it just my unit? It like FLACs, hates MP3s.

    Thanks for any input!
    Maybe you could try running it in Docker on your Mac?....or running it as a virtual machine on the mac, running some linux distro.

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