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    New configuration utility


    I created a new configuration utility for myself for configuring my Squeezebox Receivers and figured I should open it up to the community.

    I had a couple of motivations to create this:
    1. To have a programming project to learn with. I have been using Go for a while, but have never really completed a full project to the point it can be released. This was a perfect project to try this with.
    2. In the past, I have always used Robin Bowes's excellent Net-UDAP Perl project for configuration. Every time I use it, however, I have to remember how to install Perl, get the CPAN dependencies, and run the utility. I thought it would be great to have a single binary I can run with no outside dependencies, which is something Go excels at.

    The utility can be found at https://jcrummy.github.io/gosqueeze.

    I've put binaries for Linux, Windows, and Mac, but I do caution that the Mac binary hasn't actually been tested, so I'm curious of any feedback from someone who uses it.

    For now it works quite similarly to Net-UDAP, in that you need to manually set whatever configuration parameters you need. I plan on adding a 'wizard' interface that helps you through it so you don't have to try and remember everything.

    Let me know if anyone finds this useful. If you do run into problems, you can always submit an issue on the GitHub project page at https://github.com/jcrummy/gosqueeze.


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    Thanks John

    Tried Windows x64

    Very useful !


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    Hi! I have a Duet Receiver that I picked up on ebay and was trying to use this utility to configure it. I'm pretty amateur at configuring these "the hard way". I do have a controller that is currently linked to another receiver, so I can fall back to that solution if I need to, but thought it'd be fun to try this out.

    I'm using a mac (on Mojave) and you said you'd like feedback.

    The utility seems to be working to set the LanIPMode, LanSubnetMask and SqueezeCenterAddress appropriately. But, when I've tried to set the LanGateway it instead populates that value into LanSubnetMask - so I'm unable to set LanGateway.

    I'm new at configuring this way, so perhaps I'm doing it wrong, but I can successfully save the other values, but as soon as I set LanGateway it instead populates LanSubnetMask.


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    Hey, the_arm, this sounds to me like a bug in the utility, and not a MacOS-specific issue. As far as working with MacOS, I was looking at it more from the point of view of "this will either work, or not work at all", so the fact that it at least somewhat works is a good sign!

    I will take a look either tonight or tomorrow at this to see if I can see what is up with that, and test it with my Duet Receiver here.


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    that is a good sign, then! If there's any specific tests you want me to run on the mac side of things, I'm happy to help. This Duet is weird - it doesn't seem to like DHCP, hence all the settings. I was able to get it on my network with a static IP using the android udap configuration utility found elsewhere, but I'm happy to test yours as well. Thank you!

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    the_arm, it turned out to be a stupid typo mistake that I somehow missed. I've updated the binaries, so if you download now from the website, it should all work (if you haven't already got it working with the phone app).

    Sorry about that, I should have caught that earlier!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jcrummy View Post
    the_arm, it turned out to be a stupid typo mistake that I somehow missed. I've updated the binaries, so if you download now from the website, it should all work (if you haven't already got it working with the phone app).

    Sorry about that, I should have caught that earlier!

    Happens to all of us!

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    #Wiki so it is not forgotten

    (why am I putting #Wiki in threads when the official Wiki is not being updated ... well ... so that stuff that looks useful but is not in the wiki can be found easily and could one day be put in the wiki should it (or a rehomed version) ever re-open)
    Paul Webster
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    Having upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 - I'm having problems with Net-UDAP so I tried this utility but it too has problems.

    xx:~/Downloads$ ./sbconfig-linux-amd64 
    The following network interfaces were found:
    [00] lo - 
    [01] enp3s0 - xx:xx:xx:46:08:03
    [02] wlxXXXXXXX3977 - xx:xx:xx:xx:39:77
    Select interface to use [0]: 2
    panic: runtime error: index out of range [1] with length 1
    goroutine 1 [running]:
    github.com/jcrummy/gosqueeze.(*Sb).populateFields(0xc0000b78c8, 0xc0000848a0)
            /home/john/Source/gosqueeze/device.go:207 +0x30c
    github.com/jcrummy/gosqueeze.Discover.func1(0x58, 0xc000084870, 0xc00012ac00, 0x400, 0x400)
            /home/john/Source/gosqueeze/discover.go:46 +0x1c9
    github.com/jcrummy/gosqueeze/internal/broadcast.BroadcastReceive(0xc0000dc380, 0x4578, 0xc000136040, 0x1b, 0x20, 0xb2d05e00, 0xc0000b7ce0, 0x0, 0x0)
            /home/john/Source/gosqueeze/internal/broadcast/broadcast.go:71 +0x422
    github.com/jcrummy/gosqueeze.Discover(0xc0000dc380, 0xc0000846c0, 0x541e80, 0x5a9000, 0x541340, 0x6b5de0)
            /home/john/Source/gosqueeze/discover.go:34 +0x167
            /home/john/Source/gosqueeze/cmd/sbconfig/discover.go:14 +0x40
            /home/john/Source/gosqueeze/cmd/sbconfig/main.go:15 +0x54

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