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    I have two Raspberry Pi 3+ boards. One has a HiFiBerry standard DAC on it which is very good -- much better in fact than it has a right to be. I could easily live with it as my only player. I find it better than the analog outputs of my Touch.

    The other RPi has a Digi+ Pro HAT on it that outputs into my Bel Canto C5i's DAC. It is also excellent.

    I use the HiFiBerry OS (operating system) on both RPis. It is also an excellent choice if you don't want to use the RPi as anything other than a player.

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    I have over five Raspberry Pi based units most with Digi Hats feeding a digital signal in to the system DAC . I also have a Justboom Amphat powering speakers in the Kitchen . I have a SBT but it is currently unused in the large chest i use to keep all my excess wires and equipment.

    All the Digihats I have tested HiFiBerry , JustBoom , Allo Digione offer a much better sound quality through the DAC,s in the various system I use which is not surprising as in each case the DAC is over three times the cost of the SBT . I would say that the AlloDigione when used with the Shanti power supply is by far the best digital source i have used to date and is the one I would reccomend.

    Using DAC boards the Khardas Toneboard is the best audio quality i have heard as a pure Pi and DAC combination and this offers in my view much better sound quality than a SBT on its own . I have not used any other hat DAC,s as listed above but I would say that all of the items offered by Allo Audio seem to be made and designed with sound quality as the main objective so any DAC Hat they make is likely to to sound excellent and would be at least the equal of an SBT if not better.
    System - Concordant Exhilirant Valve Pre , SBT Triode EDO,Toolbox 3.0 , Theta Data Basic II Transport , Perpetual Technology P-1a,P-3a,Anti Mode 2.0 Dual Core,Krell KSA50 MK 1 .

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