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    Hard Drive

    If you connect a external hard drive to a In-Touch will the files be available to other players (Boom) on your account/network?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vajim View Post
    If you connect a external hard drive to a In-Touch will the files be available to other players (Boom) on your account/network?
    I think yes. You'll be running a "tiny" version of the LMS server on the Touch. And other players on your network can be connected to that LMS server. Note that this is a "tiny" version, not full featured (I think no WebGUI), and the Touch is woefully underpowered for this in general. So it is likely not a great setup. Much better to get an rPi 3B+ or 4, install picoreplayer, and install LMS on the rPi. This makes for a very powerful LMS server. I use one with an attached USB drive containing about 114,000 files, mostly FLAC and it works very well. Easy to setup too.

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    I setup a touch with tiny LMS for a friend, using a usb stick of music, as he wanted only bare bones. He is only using the touch, but I remember reading that the touch could act as a server for other players, so I went out looking for where I read it:


    when I setup my friend's touch, I got alot of help from the comunity here (limitations are discussed):

    But, I only did this because my friend wanted simple. I agree with everything Garym says. Although my friend's touch is fine for him, the resources can't handle allot of strain without crashing. The PiCore solution that garym mentions is a far superior solution and a reasonable $.


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