Hi everyone,

I recently had my first experiences with PiCorePlayer as server+player and I am very impressed.
I was using a DAC Audiophonics i-sabre ES9023. They have some instructions to install the DAC on PiCorePlayer:
Audiophonics tutorial DAC PiCorePlayer

These instructions from 2017 are a bit outdated and refer to PcP 3.20. However I notice that on their screenshots, the choice of audio interfaces in PcP menus for squeezelite includes:
"I-Sabre-ES9023 DAC"

This overlay choice is not in PcP 6.0.0. Choosing "ESS 9023 DAC" instead works, but there are no configuration options available.

Does anyone know why the I-sabre-ES9023 was removed?

Thanks, Marc