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    apologies I missed those last two postings to the thread - too excited about the new DAC

    @JRM_PT you can add extra command line options to your startup commands in PCP

    the only caveat is that the visualizer setting must be specified first, for example setup User Command 1 on the pCP tweaks page like so:

    /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/gomonitor RN ...your specific options...
    here we're specifying random visualizers, following arguments may override the setting.

    An example of that is the all-in-one switch -a - you can specify multiple "a's" to affect the all-in-one experience

    -a all-in-one as part of the specified visualization modes
    -aa always all-in-one, toggles between the spectrum and VU "swoosh"
    -aaa a fun little easter egg, a second of these is in the works

    so if you wanted to use the Festus font, and display the easter egg when audio is playing

    /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/gomonitor RN  -aaa -f 5
    lots of additional arguments provided to make LMSMonitor your own

    the first thing the gomonitor script does is attempt to kill any monitor processes that may be running, it repeats the command a couple of times, during development I've had occasion when I had several orphaned processes running in the background. The warning you see is coming from those kill requests when it finds no processes, I'll add some output redirection to make those go away as they've been reported a couple of times. I thought I'd done that but maybe I missed something

    gomonitor is a good helper, it takes care of the multiple processes and provides some default parameters to the monitor. you can call the monitor directly if you wish, but ensure you pass the required parameters especially if you have a number of pCP installs and wish to monitor a specific device.

    If you have specifics you want to get up and running let me know and I'll try to help.

    @gregex. I've also experienced the 50/50 split issue on one of my setups, its using a pi 3 and I'd assumed it was connected to setting the brightness at dawn and dusk as when I turned that off the monitor played nicely again. I like having the brightness autoset so I reactivated the option and setup a cron entry to restart the monitor - massive kludge but it seems to work

    Note I'm also running with an I2C device so the SPI speed would not affect, I'll add an option to surface setting the speed for SPI

    * */6 * * /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/gomonitor RN -bkiaaa -o 3 -S 3 -d -f 8
    specifically using gomonitor to ensure any running processes are cleaned up

    I've not tooled on the communication speed, there are comments in the code from the driver authors that they had problems with setting speed.

    /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/gomonitor rn -db -o 7 -D 27 -R 24 -C 0 -F
    apologies on the I/F mix-up - I had Invert and Flip as alternate naming but invert could also mean affect background/foreground presentation, seems my brain landed on one naming scheme and my fingers another; I'll fix the docs.

    with I2C animations are pretty solid, SPI allows for faster updates so that could be the flicker issue. Flicker looks a lot worse if you're recording your screen with a digital camera/phone.

    scrolling and other animations are all bit bashed as we can't take advantage of any firmware scrollers or sprites. There may be more capable libraries out there but the Adafruit stuff is pretty much the only feature-full implementation for C/C++

    I did write a build using golang but the executable was huge so I abandoned, at some point I may look at rust as an alternative if C turns into a black hole.

    the GPIO error is usually down to hijacking a pin used by the I2C or SPI interfaces, there's a shutdown routine that takes care of cleanup but maybe its missing SPI specifics - I'll take a look and ensure the GPIO is being "handed-back" cleanly, the equivalent of a Rpi.GPIO.Close in the python impl.

    thank you both for kind words

    In the works, potentially weather - the BBC has a free API that only lacks standard icons. I also found an API from a company out of Boston that has nice features so it too may be an option.

    I also have a second easter egg, the venerable SL-1210, if I can make it look clean - 128x64 makes for a lot of work
    As of 2020/07/09

    Total Tracks: 151,425
    Total Albums: 13,873
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    Still not running

    Monitor is the only missing item on my system
    I've reinstalled the code, did all the steps again but still can't put that screen to work.
    I don't have a clue of what is wrong of what I can do. In the first try I saw the clock (very dimmed) but now not even that.

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    @JRM_PT, huge apologies for the late reply

    what is the screen type you're using - take a pic and post her - front and back of the display

    what is the command line you're using

    try using without the gomonitor wrapper and turn the detailed debug on

    ssh to you player, same as you'd have done to install

    cd to the folder with the code

    cd /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce
    first find the name of your player
    its the name you provided on the Squeezelite Settings page of the pCP web page

    you can also get the name with the following, just cut and paste
    cat /usr/local/sbin/config.cfg | grep "^NAME=" | cut -d'"' -f2
    lets say that returned piCorePlayer, run the monitor with the following command and provide the name for the -n parameter

    sudo /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/lmsmonitor -n "piCorePlayer" -crbkd -iiii
    the i parameters turn on debug, the OLED type will be the default as will the font

    you should see information being displayed on your screen - something like

    OLED Mode ...........: IIC
    This is lmsmonitor (0.4.45) - built Jul  6 2020 11:21:14.
    Verbosity ...........: Debug
    OLED Driver .........: (6) SH1106 I2C 128x64
    OLED Address ........: 0x3c
    Scrolling Mode ......: (0) Cylon (Default)
    OLED Clock Font .....: Classic LCD Clock Font
    Sending LMS Discovery ...
    LMS (Server) responded:
    Server IP ...........:
    Player Count ........: 2
    Player Name .........: koala
    Player ID ...........: b8:27:eb:c2:ed:81
    Player IP ...........:
    Provider IP .........:
    Reported TZ .........: America/New_York
    Longitude ...........:  -71.1134
    Latitude ............:   42.4178
    Sunrise .............: 07-07-2020 05:15:08
    Sunset ..............: 07-07-2020 20:23:31
    Set Display .........: Day Mode
    Visualization .......: Inactive
    Hostname ............: koala
    Interface ...........: eth0
    Address .............:
    Interface ...........: wlan0
    Address .............:
    GFX Font Width ......: 6 (px)
    GFX Font Height .....: 8 (px)
    2020-07-07 13:03:27 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-0890 : isRefreshed
    2020-07-07 13:03:27 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-0930 : activeScroller test
    2020-07-07 13:03:27 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-0935 : display clock test
    2020-07-07 13:03:27 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-1008 : clockPage
    2020-07-07 13:03:27 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-1015 : cpu Metrics?
    2020-07-07 13:03:28 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-0890 : isRefreshed
    2020-07-07 13:03:28 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-0930 : activeScroller test
    2020-07-07 13:03:28 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-0935 : display clock test
    2020-07-07 13:03:28 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-1008 : clockPage
    2020-07-07 13:03:28 :: src/lmsmonitor.c-1015 : cpu Metrics?
    watch for any output on your OLED

    hopefully you see the logo followed by the clock

    you can get help with
    sudo /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/lmsmonitor -n "piCorePlayer" -help
    we can start digging into specifics once you post the screen pics and we can adjust parameters accordingly
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    As of 2020/07/09

    Total Tracks: 151,425
    Total Albums: 13,873
    Total Artists: 19,632
    Total Genres: 692
    Total Playing Time: 24320:13:27

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    something went wrong and I can't cd to the directory /mnt/mcblk0p2/tce. I tried to full update the piCorePlayer and reinstall the LMS Monitor but with no results. I'll have to go further and reinstall the hole thing from new. I have an extra micro sd card so I'll give it a try.

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    sounds good

    good luck with the reinstall and in the mean time if you could get the details of your OLED screen that would be super

    you'll find an updated build in the repo which includes animated information screens when a track is playing
    this mode was originally intended for setups where audio data was not accessible and hence the visualizations would not display

    there are three modes available

    1. Compact Cassette
    2. Technics SL-1200
    3. Open Reel To Reel
    4. An old VCR

    The cassette

    Name:  compact_small.jpg
Views: 85
Size:  163.3 KB

    tape hubs are animated, "tape" moves from the left to the right hub as the track progresses
    the tape type indicates the bit depth, 16 [I], 24 [II], or 1 bit DSD [III]

    here we have the SL-1200

    Name:  technics_sl1200_egg_small.jpg
Views: 94
Size:  205.4 KB

    fully animated, the tone arm traverses the record as the track plays and resets when the track ends
    the record is animated and spins as the track plays
    the slider position will change depending on the bit depth of the track, 16, 24, and 1 bit DSD

    and the reel-to-reel

    Name:  reel2reel_small.jpg
Views: 87
Size:  219.4 KB

    animated reels, switches will flip depending upon bit depth

    and finally the VCR

    Name:  vcrshot.jpg
Views: 77
Size:  30.5 KB

    rudimentary at best, and an annoying flashing 12:00 AM Sunday is the only "animation"
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    As of 2020/07/09

    Total Tracks: 151,425
    Total Albums: 13,873
    Total Artists: 19,632
    Total Genres: 692
    Total Playing Time: 24320:13:27

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    Release 0.4.50 coming soon

    hi folks, happy August!
    updates coming this weekend for 0.4.50, will include:

    • 12/24 clock modes
    • all-in-one visualization fixes, screen resets, scroller mods
    • command line changes, code cleanup inclusive a much improved/intuitive command line; more details to follow
    • potentially support for weather details. I use my weather cache service for all of my devices which uses scraping techniques to provide data to all devices on my network and its been solidly running on my NAS for several years with only one retooling of the scraper (thus far). That said I found a free data service, call limited, that looks like it may be easy to integrate; details to follow

    Had a small heatwave in the North East this week and a couple of my devices struggled, me too - heatstroke!

    Added venting and fan assist to my loft unit but sadly it didn't have much effect

    Name:  mpv-shot0048.jpg
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Size:  124.8 KB

    And yes the milling is a bit off, I need to resurface my CNC bed, had to break out the rat tail file to fix some faux pas and the hammermill too to cover the many gaffs

    temps were still excessive, 80's and climbing, and shutdowns all too frequent

    my pi4s with there heat-pipe + fan coolers are holding there own, steady 40's, but the new Audiophonics DAC doesn't have any additional cooling so it looks like I'll be repeating the exercise when the new case arrives.

    I was working on my own case and digging around the audiophonics site looking for CAD files I spotted they've released a kit for their balanced DAC that I picked up a month or two back. Luckily they're selling the case separately too

    Its on order and I'll post updates when I put it together and work on adding the monitor - and any cooling solutions I come up with that are effective.

    More coming this weekend...
    As of 2020/07/09

    Total Tracks: 151,425
    Total Albums: 13,873
    Total Artists: 19,632
    Total Genres: 692
    Total Playing Time: 24320:13:27

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