With PiCore 6.0 being released I assume this post won't get too many eyeballs, no worries.

I've been a long time user of LMS Monitor even going to the expense of making enclosures incorporating custom CNC'd mounts for the OLED displays.

I'd modified the code some time ago but lost all my changes with a PC crash that fried my source drive.

Having built out several utilities to get my RGB display up and running I decided to revisit the monitor code.

The repo hasn't been updated in several years so I hope kabavol doesn't mind my hijack.

Many updates have been implemented, these are outlined in a little more detail in the repo itself

TL;DR - here are the highlights:

  • Scrolling text for long labels
  • "Retro" clock when not playing
  • VU Meters
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Visualizer data via shared memory or VisionOn server event

I've several more updates in the works.

If anyone is interested I'll upload pre-compiled binaries to the repo supporting Pi 3, 4 and zero