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    run a cron job to restart once a week.
    a quick search will show you how to do that
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    Your usb device is taking too long to become ready at boot. You need to add some delay. On the extras menu, there is a bootcodes screen. Increase the value of waitusb

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiBer3 View Post
    Hope to find some help here.

    I have a freshly assembled "piTouch" using PI3B with official touch screen.

    Connecting it to TEAC UD-501 from PI on board USB via good quality USB cable.
    Audio output device settings set to USB audio, Output setting to "front:CARD=UD501,DEV=0", ALSA setting to " 80 4 nothing 1 nothing".
    Other setting unchanged from default. Wired network.

    TEAC is receiving and playing the data, but i get clicks, pops, dropouts even with 44.1/16 material

    Tried 64bit Picoreplayer, now on 32bit, tried different output settings, different USB cables, went from 64bit to 32bit, problem still persists.

    My old Squeezebox Touch with EDO plugin connected to same Squeezeserver via same switch can play material up to 192/24 via SPDIF and toslink without any issues at all, so it's unlikely a network issue I believe.

    Any suggestions regarding the USB output setting for TEAC or how to approach this to find the root cause?

    After some fiddling with settings it seems I solved the clicks problem, thanks you all who participated!
    Tested since a couple of days with PCM up to 192 and DSD64 (DoP) and haven't noticed any problems so far.

    So here are my setting to run TEAC UD-501 via USB from PI3B, might be useful for somebody with same PI/DAC combo:

    Output setting hw:CARD=UD501,DEV=0
    ALSA setting 160:4::1:
    Buffer size settings 20000:60000
    Device supports DSD/DoP 250

    250ms PCM to DSD delay was crucial to get correct click-free DSD playback. Without this setting DAC surprisingly still plays, but indicates the signal as PCM 352.8 and there are dropouts/clicks, with the delay indication is DSD 2.8mhz and there are no playback errors

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    Quote Originally Posted by huxmut View Post
    run a cron job to restart once a week.
    a quick search will show you how to do that
    Great idea, many thanks.
    Have scheduled an auto-restart of Squeezelite every Sunday at 5am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul- View Post
    There were several users trying to get the Merus Amp to work. I think I finally cracked it.

    Disable onboard audio

    Disable SPI
    Remove the spi=on from the line
    Then on the Squeezelite page, make sure you limit the sample rate to 48000.

    Also, make sure you do not play any music until you have turned down the Limit Threashold as described in the docs. If you try to play music with the default Alsa settings, it will likely lockup the amplifier chip requiring a reboot.

    Once things are set in alsa mixer, then you should save the alsa settings on the "Card Control" Page.

    I'll see about adding some better controls in pCP7.
    Just to say I did this and now works cheers.

    PCP 7.0.1

    1) mounted /mnt/mmcblk0p1/
    2) edited /mnt/mmcblk0p1/config.txt as described
    3) Reboot, music now plays

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