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    Somehow to detect when the boom is being used and switch on a bass speaker?

    Greetings my fellow survivors

    I have a Boom in my room and it's connected to a big powerful Bass speaker from an old PC sound system which is hidden under the bed.

    It sounds really fantastic when in use, but I realize (especially with my LMS being out of commission until recently) that it's just sitting there, powered on 24/7 wasting electricity and producing a slight hum.

    Is there a way I could conditionally power this device on with a smart relay (those things are everywhere, ESP32 based Chinese made Wi-Fi switches - generally referred to as a Sonoff) by either having the relay
    1) Subscribe to MQTT messages that the LMS could hypothetically emit whenever the Boom is in use (no idea how to do that though)
    2) Use the sensor probe that some of the ESP based devices put out to somehow detect when the bass line is in use and switch the relay on

    The first option would be more familiar to me because I'm a software person but I understand how it could be less reliable.
    The second option sounds more reliable but I'm not sure electrically how I'd be able to sample a low voltage audio signal without degradation.

    What do y'all think?

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    Personally I would have a energy detector/noise gate on the Boom line out and drive a relay from that. But you also can look at plugins that handle players on/off (I also have an example how to do that in my group plugin) where you can have the Perl script being aware of the boom on/off and send any message anywhere, including to a WiFi based relay or smart plug
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