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Hi, I spent many hours trying to get piCorePlayer to accept the orientation of my touch screen (display and mouse function).
The resolution is 1920x1080 and pCP is working actually fine however when I rotated the display by 90 degrees the mouse (touch function) doesn't turn.
So basically I see the mouse but left and right moves up and down.

I followed this website:


in setting my screen up and the calibration as well as a test right after the calibration worked perfectly.
The mouse is moving according to landscape format.
However when I boot and run piCorePlayer the mouse is wrong again (portrait orientation) whereby the screen is correctly turned to landscape.

I checked the calibration files and they were saved as requested.

I very much would appreciate your suggestion on this matter.
PCP is a RAM based system - so unless files are explicitly backed according to PCP rules, the files are lost after reboot.

Cross posting is not good practice - this same query is on 3 threads now.