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    RPi and Spotify momentarily stopping (3.22)

    Having helped a few people with LMS and RPi with piCorePlayer, my BIL is the only one having issues.

    He is 200 miles away and helping him over TeamViewer is not ideal. I am visiting this weekend, and would like to sort it out.

    RPi 3b, running away LMS only, with local USB HDD for music. Picoreplayer v 3.22, Linux 4.9.50 pcpCore v7, piCore v 8.01,
    Logitech Touch
    iPad with IPeng

    Spotify (only) is skipping. iPeng momentarily loses the song too, and the album art disappears, and Song Title. Then comes back.


    I’m not very good at interrogating logs...

    I tried dropping Spotify from 320 to next lower setting, and no difference.
    I tried updating LMS and piCore version and got an error “downloading insitu.cfg”.

    Shall I just plan to update to v5 or v6 beta PiCore player - where I am not getting this type of issue? And if so, which one? I guess there is no upgrade path other than full wipe of SD card and start again. Name:  36E850C0-100D-4C08-A5A8-89CF190065ED.jpg
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    Any advice appreciated.
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    You can check the 'hotfix' first and after see which upgrade version it will allow.

    Otherwise I would suggest a new image of v6.0.0.

    Hotfix is on the main page of the pCP web gui, run that first then check for pCP update


    It should tell you if you need more space

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    There have been a ton of LMS/squeezelite changes to address these types of issues.

    pCP 6 is currently listed as a Release Candidate, but its basically final. At least final enough for you to put it in production.
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    Thanks for the quick response. Iĺll go with v6 RC. Iĺll try and find a spare card and go prepared....

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