Iím guessing Iím not the only third party developer that have maxTarget set to 7.* in the repository files. I suppose the result with this is that the plugins wonít be available for download in LMS 8.0 beta ?

I wonít have the time to continuously keep the plugins updated with API changes in the 8.0 beta and Iím considering the best option.

Would it be preferred to still change the maxTarget to 8.* or 8.0.* with the result that a lot of users reports problems with plugins if there is some API change ?
Or should I keep it as 7.* until 8.0 is getting closer to a release and Iíve verified the plugins with 8.0 myself ?
Or would it be an option to add functionality in LMS to make it possible for users to override maxTarget in the repository.xml file of the latest version of a plugin ?

Iím guessing there are some third party developers that will never update their repository file since they have stopped maintaining their plugins.

Ideally maxTarget should refer to API version instead of LMS version but thatís probably hard since there isnít a well defined API so itís going to be hard to know when to increase the API version.

My install.xml have * in its maxVersion so itís always possible for users to manually download and install my plugins.