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    Seeking advice on playing LMS directly from my computer (no squeezebox)

    I used to have 3-4 squeezeboxes in various rooms, but slowly began downsizing as I changed out other audio components. I'm now down to one Touch, which is still working fine, and which I still use when I want to play local files. Simply said, there is no software that does a better job of providing customized dynamic playlists based on my parameters than LMS + Erland's suite of plug-ins.

    I've gone to almost exclusively Denon/Marantz equipment, and distribute music throughout the house through HEOS. It works well with my Touch, which has always been used solely to play music from my personal digital collection (I stream SiriusXM and Amazon UltraHD, but I use HEOS for that, not LMS).

    One of my recent upgrades has been an addition of a listening room in my house, where I've bought a Marantz ND8006 CD player and network streamer. The ND8006 has a USB-B input meant for a direct connection to a computer. I run LMS on a 2012 Mac Mini running on Mac OSX Yosemite. For several years I've not seen a need to upgrade from LMS version 7.9.0. It works great, so I've not wanted to fool with it.

    I'd like to mothball the Touch before it eventually dies. I installed SqueezePlay on my Mac years ago, but it was a beta back then (may still be) and I suspect there are better plug-ins available. It would be nice to have something that could handle hi-res files, since the Marantz DAC and the other Denon/Marantz elements of my multi-room system can handle it, but that's a nice-to-have vs. a have-to-have. The one thing that cannot change is my ability to use "Erland's Essentials": TrackStat, CustomScan, CustomSkip, etc., so if I need to update to later, equally stable version of LMS, so be it.

    Anyone have any thoughts on best way to proceed?
    Iĺm down to one SB Touch. Mac Mini as a server (OS X Yosemite). iPeng is my controller of choice. LMS 7.9.0. Erlandĺs plug ins are what keep me in the ecosystem.

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    install and run squeezelite on your MAC running LMS.
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