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    Upgrading old Tranquil PC (T7)

    I noticed through various searches some people are still using these machines to run their squeezebox setups.

    I have one too and want to upgrade it with an SSD and more memory but I've failed at the first hurdle, I can't open it up.

    I've got the back plate off, thats just a few screws. Then the motherboard is attached to a plate that appears to slide into the outer casing but it won't pull out.

    Has anyone got any experience of getting the motherboard and hard drive out? They look to be on separate plates. I'm assuming theres maybe more screws at the front but I can't figure out how to get that off either.
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    Ok, false alarm. I realised it pushes out from the back forward.

    For anyone finding this in the future theres 2 plastic parts on the front, they slide out but are very tight. A thin flathead screwdriver will fit between them and the metal body, carefully push the screwdriver from the outer edge to the inner and it will gently help you slide them out. Once they are out push from the back forwards (not on the motherboard components, on the metal mount the board is attached to) and the whole inside will push forward.

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    Wow, I'm amazed it's still working. I bought a T7 in 2008 and it conked out within 3 years which was rather disappointing.

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