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    [Solved] piCorePlayer - No sound during DSD playback

    Hello all

    I'm discovering the world of network audio players...

    I set up a NAS with a Raspberry Pi 4 and I took the opportunity to install LMS on it.

    For one of my player I have equipped with a PI 4B 2G with a USB DAC, I use piCorePlayer 6 beta and it works perfectly except for the reading of DSD files )

    DSD playback is no problem on PC with Squeezelite-X but as soon as I want to play the same files under pCP I simply don't have sound.

    I spent a long time trying a bunch of different configurations but nothing to do So I decided to ask you the question

    I'm using an "old" DAC Audio-gd (NFB-3.32 if I have good memory) which is not DSD compatible, neither is the SMSL M6 DAC I have on my PC, so there has to be a conversion from DSD to PCM right away so it should work from scratch but no, it doesn't...

    Hopefully you can help me out...

    I'll see you soon.
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