Evening All

I’ve been running my LMS server on a Pi4 using piCorePlayer for many months now and it’s absolutely brilliant.

However, I was recently intrigued by mention of Pi-hole on another thread and realised that I wanted to give it a try. This I did using a spare Pi3 and all is good. And then I wondered about combining LMS and Pi-hole on the same Pi. I read that this can’t be done using PiCorePlayer so I set about installing Buster Lite on a spare SD card. Many hours later and I have a working LMS installation and Pi-hole on the same machine but I must say that it was quite challenging as my Linux command line skills aren’t great.

What I miss however, is the fantastic control piCorePlayer gives over the LMS installation. Even basic things like starting and stopping LMS require me to use Putty, I have a few questions…

1. Using Putty to start and stop LMS I am using “Sudo service logitechmediaserver start” and “Sudo service logitechmediaserver stop” Is this correct?

2. Do I need to use these commands every time I close down the Pi? To shutdown I am using “Sudo halt”. Is this a violent way to shutdown which might potentially corrupt my LMS installation?

3. With piCorePlayer I am using the 64bit version but I wasn’t sure how to do that using Buster Lite. Not sure it really matters a great deal anyway?

4. I’m not clear on how to update the LMS installation, it’s currently running 7.9.3 which is fine for now.

5. What is the best way to clone a 32gb SD card?

6. Are there any other basic commands I should know about to keep things ticking along? Google has been very helpful with all of the various stages so I can keep plugging along.

Having said all of this I may just leave it as it is and continue running piCorePlayer and Pi-hole on two separate RPIs but that does seem a bit daft when the Pi4 is generally under utilised.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks