I've just installed picoreplayer on a pi zero w to work with my original squeezebox. I just threw a few albums onto an old 8gb usb stick to test it out and it connects up fine. I'd forgotten just how lovely the Squeezebox is actually!

I have a couple of questions though.

The performance is a little slow when accessing a new album, but there after the album is selected quite quickly. Does this indicate that a newer, bigger usb stick would be faster? Or is the relative performance of the Zero itself more likely to be to blame?

On that performance note, would a full fat pi like a 3 or 4 be a better way to go with using picoreplayer and avoid stutter? Perhaps paired with a SSD?

Lastly, I've looked up Spotify support, yet I'm not sure if it's still supported now? I don't have a paid Spotify sub so I'd just like to access their free service, with audio ads. Is this possible?

Any advice greatly appreciated.