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    I am running LMS 7.9.2 under MAC OS Mavericks on Mac Mini. I have Squeezebox Touch with installed software version 7.8.0. I installed DSD Player plug-in (latest version is 1.0.1) and I also configured it to use DSD over PCM. In the advanced-> File Type I enabled DSD playback for dsf and dff files.

    Squeezebox Touch is connected to the DSD capable DAC (Pioneer U-05) with coax digital cable. On the squeezebox Touch I have installed EDO. Still I do not get anything but hum (with lot of rebuffering). Does anybody have any idea what might be the problem here ?

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    When I reduced the quality of DSD stream I have got the sound but with lot of interrupts due to buffering. So it seems that the main issue is wireless connection. When I look into the strength of the WiFi signal at the Squeezebox Touch it shows me: 100% !

    Does it mean that DSD reproduction is not possible if SB Touch uses WiFi ?

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    Try the Touch wired.
    I have no problems playing 24/192 flacs using ethernet, but it hiccups if I do it on wireless.
    Chris :)

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