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    Community Build Radio Firmware

    Carrying on the radio firmware build discussion from the Bass Amp Problem thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrw View Post
    Will do. But expect patchy responses as I have some family matters to deal with over the next few weeks.
    I'll load it onto one of my Radios. Certainly worth checking.
    No worries. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrw View Post
    I have Squeezeplay 7.8.0 running without ogg/flac (i.e. on the 7.7.3 r16676 binaries) on one of my Radios. Needs a 'hack' to Jive.lua to report itself to LMS as 7.8.0 r_whatever because the version is baked into the jive binary, and one or two (I think) of the 7.7.3 -> 7.8.0 patches need this to work. (Update context-menu styles to use icons for playlist control actions. and Task B0020: Player control over UDP). I'd be surprised if the lua enhancements were the cause of higher cpu usage, but I haven't checked. I'll try and look at that.
    I had the same issue as I'd committed my changed to git in the 7.7 branch and it increased the revision number. I used bvi to modified the version strings in the jive binary to match the original firmware version.

    I'm still testing the 7.7 aac decoder changes on my one radio, so I haven't explored the possible performance degradation I perceived. But I'd agree that the lua changes do seem unlikely to be the cause. Or that there is really a difference.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrw View Post
    One point: I think it advisable that you merge the 7.7 tree into 7.8 to catch that last "baby only" patch, if you haven't already. (Baby only - ignore firmware older than SR to SB migration firmware (7.7.3 r16667)). I suspect that it is there to prevent a "converted to LMS Smart Radio" from inadvertently downgrading to an earlier firmware that doesn't recognize the Smart Radio hardware (revision 8 ?).
    No. I hadn't noticed that that change was missing from the 7.8 branch. I've forked the logitech squeezeos repo and will merge 7.7 and continue all further development on 7.8 as the 7.7 changes are available in the source tarball from a few days ago and were really only to confirm the aac changes were doable.
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