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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphy View Post
    Someone clicked send the crashlog to logitech when they went to use it. Once sent the crashlog applet deletes the logfile.
    On at least one of my Radios it is definitely unclicked. Must check the other...

    Anyway, it does sound to me more than likely that you have established the source of the trigger. And, I would guess, itself caused by some consequence of the timer 'wrap around'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrw View Post
    Any reason why you don't run a cron job on the device itself ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Steevee28 View Post
    No. Cron is not available on the Squeezeboxes.
    The crontab command is enabled in the busybox config but crond disabled. Not sure what use the crontab command is without the cron daemon.

    The crontab file location is also set to /var which is remapped to a ramdisk during boot, so any crontab jobs are lost when the radio resets.

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    Just rebooted my Touch after 24 days 5 hours using the button on the back. I can relax for another 24 days

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