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    Is there a problem with lastest .deb 8.0?

    A procedure i have used to update to 8.0 on other pi-based servers failed today. I use max2play, and simply use the field to specify the alternative source. This has worked with 8.0 in the past, and still works when I specify the latest nightly this way, but when I tried this morning, it does not return a package and the max2play script says version LMS Version does not exist.
    Specified source (copied as a link) is:

    This download link does seem to download the source. I can try to install manually, but thought I would check if there is a package problem first.

    Thanks in advance.

    edit: http://downloads.slimdevices.com/nig...050612_all.deb
    does downloads just fine.
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    Don't use the -origin URL. The CDN is there to prevent exactly this: if the origin server has an issue, the cache should still be able to serve the request. Plus it's usually faster.

    "It doesn't work - what shall I do?" - "Please check your server.log and/or scanner.log file!"
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